jeff clark research

Jeff Clark research provides subscribers with trading recommendations and educational materials to help them become successful options traders. The service also offers monthly updates and frequent alerts from Jeff Clark himself.

The strategies in Jeff Clark’s newsletters are both conservative and speculative, depending on the situation, to take advantage of short- and sometimes intermediate-term moves in the market. This allows him to limit downsize and maximize upside.


Jeff Clark is an investor education specialist and the editor of several publications that teach investors how to profit from options. He has also written two successful trading letters for Stansberry Research.

Previously, he was president and chief executive officer of an independent brokerage house and private money management firm. He also spent 15 years developing curricula for MBA programs.

His research focuses on options and stocks. He mainly recommends large-cap stocks and options in diverse sectors like gold, technology, and financials.

He uses strategies that work in both bull and bear markets. His portfolios are based on options and include trade ideas that are risky and speculative.

He offers monthly trades and updates, educational videos, and special reports. He also aims to keep the number of open positions low. The service is primarily targeted at beginners and long-term investors.


Jeff Clark is the founder of an investor education firm. He has a strong background in financial trading and has edited two successful newsletters for Stansberry Research. He also spent 15 years developing curricula for an MBA program.

His flagship service, Jeff Clark Trader, sells for $19 and features trade ideas and his One Stock Retirement Blueprint. He also offers a free e-letter, Market Minute.

The monthly issues include research and recommendations on stocks and options. He also sends special reports, including a recent report on trading signals for bitcoin.

Jeff Clark has a history of profitable trades and is very transparent about his performance. His recommendations typically target market sectors instead of individual companies or assets, and he provides timely reports on hold/sell prices.


Jeff Clark has a pretty impressive track record for making recommendations that generate big returns. One recommendation in particular earned a 300% return in 14 days.

The company’s trading research service is pretty solid, and they offer a slew of high-quality video tutorials to help you get started. They also have some really useful special reports that cover a variety of topics.

Their 60-day money-back guarantee is impressive, and it allows you to try out their services without risking your hard-earned cash. They also offer a generous credit towards another subscription they may have for you if you’re dissatisfied with their service.

Jeff Clark is a mechanical engineer by training, so it’s not surprising that he knows a thing or two about options trading. He’s also a pro at telling a story, and his presentations are chock full of information that can be helpful to newcomers. The best part is that he’s not afraid to tell it like it is.


Jeff Clark is a well-known options trader and investment advisor. He has developed the curricula for an international Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program and established an investor education firm.

He also produces an option trading newsletter, Jeff Clark Trader, which offers monthly updates and educational videos. The service is most suited to long-term investors and beginners who are looking for a simple way to start options trading.

Its pricing policy is pretty simple: a one-year subscription costs $199. However, members can get a discounted price of $19 for their first year.

The service also includes a library of research reports that cover a variety of strategies and market conditions. This is something competing services don’t offer.

The service also features a portfolio tracker and timely trade alerts. Its price point is reasonable for a high-quality, low-risk trading strategy. It’s not perfect though, so be sure to do your research before subscribing. Then, you can make an informed decision about whether it’s right for you.