Kitco Silver News Is a Trusted Source of Precious Metals News

kitco silver news

In 1995, Kitco was among the first websites to put precious metals market information in the hands of a wide audience. Since then, it has become a trusted source of news for global investors.

According to Metals Focus, the silver market is on course for sizable deficits year to year as demand continues to outpace supply. How these deficits play out will be the defining factor in determining silver prices going forward.

Bart Kitner

Kitco is a reputable and well-established company in the precious metals industry. It offers a variety of market information, products, and storage solutions to meet the needs of investors and industry professionals. Its commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction has earned it a strong reputation in the industry.

In addition to providing market data, Kitco also provides insights and analysis from experts in the industry. These insights and perspectives can help investors make more informed decisions about their investments. In addition, the company’s website and mobile applications have received numerous awards for their user-friendly interfaces and innovative features.

This year, the company introduced a digital gold product called Kitco Gold (KGLD). The new service democratises the gold market by allowing investors of all sizes to own physical gold and diversify their portfolios. It is backed by real physical gold held in reserve vaults and tracked in real time. Kitco has chosen Hong Kong-based First Digital Trust to arrange all know-your-customer and anti-money laundering procedures and funds processing.

Kitco News

Kitco has long been a pioneer in providing market information to its precious metals and commodities audience. The company launched its first website in 1995, well before the internet became widely available and is today one of the world’s leading precious metals news sites.

In addition to offering silver prices online, Kitco is the publisher of Kitco News, a leading source for gold news and financial market commentary. The company is also known for its acclaimed Silver Fixing, which provides investors with an important price reference point for physical silver bullion.

While the vast majority of people are familiar with Kitco as a company that buys and sells precious metals, many are not aware of how the Montreal-based firm got started. This story begins back in the 1970s, when founder Bart Kitner began his business by buying scrap gold from jewelers and refining it before selling it back to the market. He started with only a $700 loan and worked out of his apartment.

Unallocated Precious Metals Accounts

Unallocated precious metals accounts are based on the LBMA’s fractional reserve system and is at the core of all bullion bank activity. This is the very reason you get significantly lower storage and insurance fees with these types of accounts as compared to allocated, fully physical vaulted gold and silver holdings.

Lekstrom believes that there is a lot of value in silver, and it will shine when volatility returns to the markets and people start looking for real assets again. However, he also says that it will be challenging for the precious metals sector to grow when there is little to no demand in the market.

Lekstrom also talked about the fact that Kitco’s website puts market information that was once tightly held in the hands of a much wider audience. This has helped to increase transparency in the industry and has also made it easier for people to invest in gold and silver. The company’s website has over 2 million monthly unique visitors.

Company Overview

Most precious metals investors are familiar with the name Kitco. The Canadian company buys and sells gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion in addition to a wide range of related products. It also offers precious metals storage services, jeweler resources and discussion forums. Kitco’s website features real-time precious metal prices and historical data, along with market commentary and analysis.

The site also publishes original news content, sourced from staff reporters and industry professionals, including metals brokers, scrap dealers and futures brokers. This diversity of market knowledge and commentary helps to keep readers informed about important trends and developments in the industry.

Unlike most other precious metals dealers, Kitco offers unallocated accounts, known as the “Kitco Pool.” These accounts are backed by general stock instead of specific physical bullion bars and coins. This means that in the event of bankruptcy, Pool holders would be treated as unsecured creditors. Other precious metals dealers avoid this issue by storing their clients’ bullion in specific bar and coin vaults, as opposed to general stocks.