myequity trust

myEQUITY is the number one online account management system that empowers investors with around-the-clock access to their accounts. With intuitive investment wizards and educational resources, it makes it easier for clients to open an IRA, transfer funds, pay expenses and take distributions.

myEQUITY is built on client feedback and continues to evolve to meet the needs of all investment types. Its built-in security features include two-factor authentication, e-signature and document upload options that streamline processes, decrease paperwork and support Equity Trust Company’s green initiative.

Access to your account anytime

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Easy to use

myequity trust is a self-directed IRA custodian that offers investors a diverse range of investments. These include cryptocurrency, real estate, precious metals, private equity and more.

Clients can use myequity to manage their portfolio with ease and efficiency. Its intuitive online wizards provide a clear line of sight to account data and transaction activity, while around-the-clock access from any device makes it easy to complete transactions anywhere.

The myEQUITY account management system has been designed with the needs of investors in mind. It features intuitive, interactive dashboards, TransactionTracker status pages and options to filter and export account history.

The myEQUITY website also offers a wealth of educational resources to help you get started with your investment strategy. These include webinars, guides and blogs to give you a deeper understanding of investing.


Using a combination of innovative technology, security measures and customer feedback, myequity trust makes it easy to open an account and keep track of your investments with ease. The company’s online account management system, myEQUITY, features a dynamic dashboard, intuitive investment wizards, transaction tracker and other data-driven tools to help manage an alternative IRA portfolio. It also incorporates two-factor authentication, e-signature and document upload options to streamline account operations, reduce paperwork and support their green initiative.

MyEQUITY is a surprisingly robust online account management platform that’s built on a foundation of continuous client feedback. The site is designed to streamline the complex process of transferring, investing and monitoring assets like real estate and private debt to name a few. The company also boasts a number of other features including an innovative digital asset platform, which allows clients to invest in cryptocurrencies from their IRAs. The company’s most important goal is to ensure their clients’ financial well-being and the best way they can do that is by delivering an exceptional customer experience.


myequity trust offers a secure and convenient online account management system. You can initiate investments, track your transaction, check your balance and pay bills all from one place. The system features intuitive online wizards and around-the-clock access from any device, giving you a clear line of sight to your account data and transactions in process. Built on continuous client feedback, myEQUITY’s features are continually updated to support all types of investment options.

Whether you invest in real estate, private debt, notes, tax liens or digital currencies, myequity trust makes it easy to diversify your portfolio by offering the best possible service and security. The company also offers helpful FAQ guides and case studies to help you navigate the investment process. The company also helps its clients combat fraud by providing them with governmental and industry resources. It also takes great pride in keeping all of their clients’ information safe and secure. The company is regulated as a trusted company in South Dakota, and it gets its financial statements audited annually by independent certified public accountants.